About ATG


TOM VOUTE, Trader and Co-owner

Tom Voute has 15+ years experience in algorithmic trading. For over 8 years Tom Voute worked at IMC, both in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. At IMC, Tom Voute founded the Automated Trading Group. Previously he worked at General Electric Capital as a currency trader and at Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers as arbitrageur.


Algorithmic Trading Group (ATG) Ltd. is comprised of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. As ATG is still small, the people are what makes this company. To learn more about some of the people at ATG click on the names below to view their LinkedIn profiles.

Hong Kong office

Tom Voute – Director ATG Ltd. and Co-owner
Anqi Xin – Quant Analist
Simon Leong – Developer
Theo Poon – Chief Hacking Officer
Iris Wong – Office Manager

Amsterdam, The Netherlands office

Jelper Striet – Risk Manager and Co-Owner
Jochem van Steijn – Operations
Peter de Lange – Consultant
Bhavya Madan – Quant Analist
Patrick van der Heijden – Co-Owner